Big Cats are in serious trouble and we must protect and preserve these awe-inspiring creatures at once because it may already be too late.  Awareness is prevalent but what should we do with that awareness? As for myself, my goal is to get to Africa (Botswana and/or Tanzania) and devote the rest of my life to this necessary cause. Despite no formal education in the field of wildlife conservation or veterinary medicine, I truly believe ones’ passion and perseverance for any subject or cause can and usually does overcome many obstacles and doubt.  Yes, my ambition is a lofty one, there are many, many road blocks that I’ve already crashed into, but I am still here and still just as passionate as ever.

This ‘dream’ has been with me for many years, it’s only until about 4 years ago I started to view this dream as one possibility of changing my way of life. I began my research and study with two of my favorite mammals, Lions and Hyenas. I’ve seen just about every documentary/show out there, dozens of times, I immersed myself into books and studies on the biology and science of the lion and hyena and new and important wonders filled my mind. I’ve kept at it ever since and I’m always on the lookout for new data, ideas or stories.

I’ve never ‘blogged’ before, I’m skeptical as to how it will turn out. But until I can fulfill my goal (dream) of going to Africa for good,  it’s something that I want to do and hopefully I can help make another inspired to do the same. Thank You for stopping by and fell free to comment your critique or support.

A King and his Queen
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